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AC Maintenance

The ideal time for HVAC maintenance is during pre-season (Spring and Fall), before you need to operate your central air conditioning system. Some routine maintenance can be handled by homeowners. However, there are other jobs that should only be performed by a professional licensed HVAC technician.

HVAC equipment may lose efficiency over time if not appropriately maintained. Routine maintenance can play a big part in maximizing the longevity and maintaining the energy-efficient performance of your equipment. It’s as important as going to the dentist! Take care of what’s important, and it should take care of you.

Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance:

    • Thermostat Calibration
    • Temperature Split Test
    • Refrigerant Levels and System Pressure Test
    • Perform AMP draw on Condenser, Evaporator Motors, and Compressor
    • Condenser Coils, Evaporator Coils, and Blower Cleaning
    • Check Contactors, Drain Lines, Ducts and Vents
    • Clean and Tighten Electrical Connections
    • Test Capacitors and Test Safety Switches
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Having Issues?

Having Issues?

Trilogy Services is able to repair any cooling and heating systems of any brand at a low cost to both residential or commercial projects.

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Need Maintenance?

Need Maintenance?

Trilogy Services provides 2 annual tune-ups: Spring and Fall.
Our tune-ups consist of diagnostic measurements and washing & cleaning.

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Wanting to Upgrade?

Wanting to Upgrade?

It could be as small as upgrading your thermostat or your whole system. In addition, our units come with 10 years manufacture warranty on parts.

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Other Questions?

Other Questions?

Allow us to visit you at your house at no cost. We would answer any questions or concerns you might have in regards to your system.

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